Tuesday, 6 October 2015

Bathroom mould

Summer half term... A glorious time!
We were away for quite a long time. I always have a house sitter when away.
This time I got back to this! If you could see me, you would have seen my head hair stand up from the horror (just like in silly movies)
But afraid not! Bleach to the rescue!
I buy the cheapest stuff for bleach, no fancy Domestos.
1) Pour bleach on the mouldy areas.
2) Leave for about 10 minute.
3) Check if it is cleared after #2. (you can leave overnight, just be sure you have good ventilation in place).
4) Scrub a little with an old toothbrush if needed.
And voila, it's all gone! :)

Wednesday, 11 February 2015

Best cough remedy EVER

                         I have been using this recipe for just about 4 years now without fail. Recently quite a few people asked me for a recipe, so I have decided to write a post about it.
            It's all started when my daughter was about 2.5 yo. Since she was just a few months old she was coughing, constantly. Chest infections every two to three weeks. Once, when she was only 4 months she spent a whole 8 days on oxygen at a local hospital and was discharged with bronchiolitis.
Two days after discharge the cough was back. She was prescribed antibiotics, she's good for a week and then the cough was back. This pattern was repeating itself until she was two, after we've changed another GP we were finally referred to a Paediatrics.  At that time, age two, she was wearing clothes for a 9 months old baby. 
             After a few months with paediatrition, prescribed inhalers which were getting stronger and stronger, all the tests not giving any answers, receiving new inhaler-the strongest one, I called home. Back in my country, home remedies are a big thing still. Got recipes, picked one, made few adjustments and started to use next day after our usual every two-week hospital appointment.
  In these two weeks my daughter gained 500 gr in weight(for a previous whole year her weight gain was just 200gr). Her lungs were absolutely clear first time since she was born.
  The doc was shocked! "Did the inhaler worked?" She asked in disbelief. And I told her: "I haven't even opened it". All I did was the home made recipe with onions and honey.
   Since then, her health improved dramatically. She hasn't had a chest infection in 3.5 years. Once she starts sniffling and coughing, the concoction is ready to be used. The whole family is using it. Even my mother in law who loves her pharmaceuticals, started to use it :)
Another good thing that came out of it, my kids LOVE onions now!
BTW, the cause of her chest infections was aspirational. Some of food and drink were getting into her lungs. Drinks still do get in her lungs occasionally, but with first signs of cough, the remedy is ready and cough is going away in a couple of days with out turning nasty.

   So here is the recipe all amounts are approximate.
You will need:
#Onions . I like to use organic, and mix red and brown.
#Honey . The only two honey that really worked in worst cases are:
Comvita Manuka honey 20+ or 
For general prophylactic usage I use any raw honey, just pick your favourite.

Get your onions peeled and thinly sliced. I use 2 to 3 bulbs, depending on their size.
Once sliced there are two things to choose to do with them.
      1) If I use to treat already bad cold/cough, and use one of the expensive honeys, then I put sliced onions in a bowl and sprinkle some unrefined sugar all over it. Leave it for at least two hours, preferably overnight. In the morning squeeze the juice out, just use your hands or put in a sieve and press with a spoon or something. The juice you get mix with honey. My proportion is roughly 1:1. If I have two spoons of juice, then I'll add two spoons of honey. For a child starting at the age of two, I was giving 5ml on empty stomach first thing in the morning. Then another 5 ml every hour for the first 2-3 days. After that, 3-4 times a day. Maximum one week. I'll do a new batch every day or two. Depending on how juicy onions are.
   2) When I use for prophylactic, during autumn, winter and spring, to keep the bugs away I do it differently. I put sliced onions in a jar and pour any raw honey over the onions, in layers. I do not use sugar! If honey is to thick, I warm it up in a warm oven, or put a jar of honey in a bowl of hot water, and wait until it gets all runny. Then it's easy to pour. Leave it to stand. Once you have a juice, give straight from the jar. 5-10 ml 2-3 times a day. I give on quite random days.

Often I catch my kids trying to sneakily to drink all whats in the jar. Or they pretend to have a cough and ask me to make the juice :) 

Hopefully, if you decide to try it, it will work wanders for you, just like it does for us.
Love, Peace and stay healthy,
It is not recommended to give honey to children under the age of one, in some countries even two. So do be careful. Honey in younger infants can cause botulism. Also, it can cause allergy in any age.

Friday, 19 December 2014

Bad cough? Tickley throat? Try this!

I've used this recipe for a couple of years now. For myself and my kiddies.
Like tonight. When it was bedtime, my 8 year old started to cough. For the first 30 minutes or so -wet cough. Then it turned into dry for another half an hour. My kid just couldn't fall asleep. She had a spoon of honey in between, no change.
Then I have managed to persuade her to drink my favourite tincture for a bad throat and coughs - Golden Milk.
I warm up milk( do not bring to boil), put in a cup a tsp of raw honey, half a tsp of Turmeric(ground spice) and pour milk over it. Mix well and enjoy your warm tasty drink.
My kid drank her cup and was asleep in under two minutes 

Friday, 7 November 2014

Дезодорант для детей, чем пользоваться?

Моей дочке исполнилось 8 лет и в один прекрасный день я заметила очень сильный запах пота. Половое созревание началось... На многих интернет форумах советуют учить детей пользоваться  дезодорантами. Но, в последнее время было столько научных исследований о вреде этих самых дезодорантов, что я сама уже перестала ими пользоваться уже несколько лет. Только в редких случаях типа важных встреч или вечеринок.

О вреде дезодорантов можете почитать Здесь

Я сама пользуюсь уже много лет кристал камнем и дала дочке попробовать. Вечером душ, по мокрой коже проводите камнем несколько раз и даете высохнуть самой, не вытирать полотенцем. И утром дочка проснулась без запаха, вечером пришла домой после дня в школе и тренировки Джиу Джитсу- мокрая насквозь, но без запаха! С тех пор и напоминать не надо, пользуется с большим ажиотажем. 
Буду пробовать разводить с водой и ступни обрабатывать, а то ноги даже в кожаной обуви потеют сильно и начинают вонять. 

Кристалл Свежести (алунит) – 100% натуральный продукт горно-вулканического происхождения. Это забытое вещество успешно применялось нашими бабушками, и было известно как «квасцы» алюмо-калиевые. Химическая формула продукта - Potassium Alum - KAl(SO4)2Ч 12H2O - 12-водный!!!
Кристалл берется из природной среды в натуральном виде, вмешательство человека лишь в отсечении лишнего, шлифовке и упаковке. Кристалл очень экономичен: одной упаковки весом 120 грамм одному человеку при ежедневном пользовании хватает на 2 – 2.5 года, средний расход – 2–3 грамма в месяц. «Кристалл» по мере пользования уменьшается в размерах, но сохраняет свою эффективность вплоть до полного своего исчезновения. Если Вы уронили Кристалл и он разбился –соберите осколки, растворите в воде и пользуйтесь жидким вариантом Кристалла.
Кристалл не имеет срока годности. Кристалл легок и компактен, незаменим в поездках и путешествиях.
Кристалл так же помогает бороться с проблемами кожи у подростков, мужчины могут пользоваться им после бритья, предупреждая раздражение, он обладает кровоостанавливающим эффектом и способствует заживлению порезов, помогает бороться с герпесом и молочницей, раствором «Кристалла» можно полоскать горло при ангине и рот при парадонтозе, он устраняет аллергический зуд, зуд и отечность после укусов комаров и мошек, уничтожает запахи лука, чеснока, рыбы, отбеливателя с Ваших рук.
• Абсолютно безвреден для организма, так как в отличие от многих современных дезодорантов не содержит хлоргидрат алюминия, и прочие вредные химические субстанции. • В нем отсутствуют эмульгаторы, закупоривающие поры и потовые протоки, нарушающие функцию потовых желез. • Не содержит спирта, не вызывает раздражения или аллергии. • Не имеет собственного запаха и не содержит отдушек, которые конкурировали бы с Вашим парфюмом. • В его состав не входят масла, оставляющие пятна на одежде. • Единственный безвредный дезодорант, разрешенный к применению беременным и кормящим женщинам

Камень купила года три назад и думаю еще на столько же  хватит. Отличное вложение!
Я покупала на Амазоне, по линку доставка по Британии бесплатно.