Monday, 14 March 2011

At home SPA day for my acne ;)

Monday... We stayed in today doing pretty much nothing. I gave up on keeping the house spotless clean a long time ago, keeping it relatively clean but the mess seems to never end. I have tidied up 3 times today but it still messy. I've tried everything, I think, to teach my girls to put things away when they don't use them any more but ... they still don't!!  Any recommendations????

Anyways... Girls asked for a smoothie and their today's recipe was: juiced apples, pears, plums and carrots mixed with  smoothed banana and strawberry. Yum! And when I was tidying up after the making I looked at the bums of strawberries and remembered my aunt. She used to smother strawberries and other fresh foods all over her face :) So I took the leftovers,mashed them with a fork,added some raw unpasteurised honey, pure Pearl powder and Calcium Bentonite Clay. Spread on my face with fan mask brush and left it for I-don't-know-may-be-an-hour (but usually 15-20 min). After rinsing I put an Aloe Vera gel straight from the plant's leaf. Check here for more details on it. at the moment my skin looks quite good but the acne parts look worse.As they say - ''people notice that their acne appears to worsen before it improves.  Don't panic if this happens to you!  This is a good thing!''  I do hope so!!!

P.S. I have suffered with adult acne for almost 2 years now. It came with my first period when my youngest daughter was 11 months old. I have tried Dermalogica, Clinic (thats the one I will go back to if natural stuff won't work), Clearasil, pharmaceutical, prescribed by GP  and many other ones. I am on the mission to find the cure!